Caintgadai (Level 5 (15))

The Caintgadai (KAYNT-gah-die) is an unnatural creature, the size of a dire wolf. It is quadrupedal with clawed feet and a head with an overwide maw filled with jagged teeth. It has disturbingly human-looking eyes.

Luring victims close to steal their voice and eat their flesh
Thickets and wooded hills
Damage Inflicted
5 points
1 point


Ventriloquism and Mimicry
The Caintgadai draws victims near with mimiced sounds drawn from voices it has stolen in the past (commonly sounds of distress from infant or immature animals and/or children). When it’s prey is close enough, the Caintgedai pounces and attacks from surprise.
Theft of the Voice
If a creature makes eye contact with the Caintgedal, the Caintgedal speaks to it in the creature’s own voice. This causes disorientation and confusion for the duration of the encounter (add one level to all difficulties)
Endless Hunt
When a victim’s voice is stolen by Theft of the Voice, a Gaes is laid upon them to hunt the Caintgedai who took their voice.
Leaping Vault
On it’s initial attack, the Caintgedai can pounce up to long range from cover, often taking it’s victims by surprise.


The Caintgedai is a sadistic and cruel preadator, settling into regions where conflict between two dominant groups is likely, and then using it’s abilities to sew confusion and misdirect both groups into greater and more violent acts of retribution.

Loot: The hide of a Caintgedai is both rare and valuable, often drawing 10 to 20 shins from merchants. The claws can be fashioned into wicked Daggers (6 -10 such claws can be taken from a single Caintgedai) The brain of the creature is a cypher, and can be eaten (by up to 2 people) to understand and mimic speech. The organ, if preserved properly will last up to three months.

Caintgadai (Level 5 (15))

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