An aged travelling Bard, looking for young heroes and fíonta and record their feats of courage


FoolJakk is a Level 5 (15) Character

FoolJakk roams from tuath to tuath visiting the Taisech ruling over the fíné who live there, searching for heroes with what he sometimes calls “potential”. FoolJakk claims to be even older than he looks and knows all of the traditional songs of the Bryndland folk (and more).

Motive = Wandering Fhar-Rhyasc, finding Heroes and collecting verse
Health = 30
Armor = 2
Movement = Short
Modifications = FoolJakk makes all social interactions as a level 8 character

Combat = FoolJakk tries to avoid fighting when at all possible and if forced to, uses an Artifact he calls his “Shillelagh”. The Shillelagh is a 128 cm (4 ft) long rod made from a composite resin stronger than an equivalent sized iron rod. FoolJakk can cause the rod to generate a sphere of kinetic force that causes 4 points of Bludgeoning Damage. Additionally, FoolJakk can cause the Striking Ball to extend on an energy tether that he can use to attack foes in short range.

FoolJakk’s Shillelagh is a Level 6 Artifact.

Cyphers = FoolJakk has collected many strange and wonderful things in his travels, and at any given moment, he has 2d6 Cyphers on his person. Often, when he determines that a fionta has “potential”, he’ll give a couple of those Cyphers away (always with a mention that he knows they’ll need the item in question)

FoolJakk also carries with him his Líorad, an artifact he uses to accompany his epic poems and songs. The Numenéra is two parallel 50 cm (19 in) brass colored metal tubes separated by 50cm (19 in) . When activated, the Líorad generates an energy field between the tubes, that when held close to FoolJakk’s chest, creates a harmonic and sympathetic tone to the user’s voice. When the field is touched by living skin, the Liorad creates a distorted countertune that can be played by a talented or skilled performer (which FoolJakk is).

FoolJakk’s Líorad is a Level 5 Artifact

Use = FoolJakk is a catalyst for bringing adventurers together and throwing them headlong into an adventure. He promises fame and glory, and perhaps even riches.


FoolJakk has been visiting the Tuaths as long as anyone can remember. He has shared and spread all of the history of the Rhéæg of Fhar-Rhyasc, and speaks of the days before the Zjinn Empire’s invasion as if he was there, which is impossible, since he would have to be older than anybody’s Great-Grandfather’s Grandfather. Even the eldest brothers of the Drui Rath Mór or the Colaiste na-mBard can say how long FoolJakk has been wandering among the Rhéæg. His songs played upon his Líorad comfort, inspire and teach all who hear them. He keeps the oldest songs alive by teaching them to worthy Bards he encounters.

FoolJakk’s travels also give him the latest news to spread, and the opportunity for young heroes to find adventure and forge their legends. There are some, mostly cynical, politically scheming types who openly call FoolJakk a manipulator, and the adventures he offers are all part of a master design that he’s following. FoolJakk denies these accusations, either dismissing them with a smile and a reassuring, kind word, or a sharp remark that cuts deep.

“It is for the Rhéæg, not a Bard to lead the Brynd, and the Drui Rath Mór, not a Bard to lay the Geas. I but point the way, sometimes open a gate. ’Tis Fate which invites a hero to step forward and walk the path.”


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