Thom and Thym

Eyghitheh's twin troll sons


Level 4 (12)

Protect and serve Eyghitheh. Hungry for flesh. Sadistic
Anywhere, but never far from Eyghitheh.
Damage Inflicted
8 points
Feats of Raw Strength
Level 6 (18)
Intellect defense and seeing through deception
Level 3 (9)
Speed defense
Level 3 (9)
Thrown Spear
can hurl a crude giant spear up to short range
Troll Hammer
Both Thom and Thym carry enormous hammers to crush their foes. Although they wield these weapons in one hand. For a mortal to use them would require two.
Mighty Blows
When striking a foe smaller than themselves, Thom and Thym can either knock their victim back 5 feet, or daze them so the difficulty of their next action is increased by one step.
Wide Arc
Thom and Thym can swing their huge weapons in wide sweeping arcs, that attack all foes within close range. The difficulty of defending this attack is decreased by one step, and the attack only inflicts 5 points of damage.
Revenge Fury
if Eyghitheh is ever killed, both Thom and Tim will go into a berzerk rage. Defense rolls will be increased one step in difficulty, and damage will be increased by two points. Attack rolls, however will be decreased one step in difficulty.

Thom and Thym are the sons of the troll banfeasa Eyghitheh. Both are giant (8 feet tall, 900 lbs) representations of young troll men They are devoted to their mother, and if she is ever killed, both brothers will go into a berzerk rage.

Thom and Thym

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