Beautiful Troll Witch with powerful sons


Level 5 (15)

Domination of others, knowledge
Damage Inflicted
5 points
* When attacked, Eyghitheh relies on the aid of her familiar to improve her Speed defense (improving it to Level 6). Killing the familiar is so shocking that Eyghitheh’s Speed defense and attacks drop to Level 4. It is also a way to ensure that she never forgives her foe or grants mercy.
* Eyghitheh can use her ritual blade to attack a creature in immediate range, but she’s much rather use curses, including the ones described below. Eyghitheh cannot use the same curse more than once every other round.
A victim within long range and up to two creatures next to the victim must succeed on a MIGHT defense roll or take 3 points of SPEED damage (ignoring armor). In each subsequent round, a victim who failed the previous roll must make another MIGHT defense roll with the same outcome for failure.
A victim within short range who fails an INTELLECT defense roll becomes Eyghitheh’s slave. He turns on his allies or takes some other action described by his new master. The curse lasts for one minute or until the victim succeeds on an INTELLECT defense roll. Each time he fails a roll, the difficulty of the next roll increases by one step. Eyghitheh’s beauty is such that if the victim has seen her sky clad, the difficulty to defend against this curse is also increased by one step.
A victim within long range is attacked with fire, cold or psychic bolts, as Eyghitheh chooses. Psychic bolts deal 3 points of INTELLECT damage (ignoring armor).
Eyghitheh regains 11 points of health and gains +3 to Armor for one minute. Multiple uses don’t further improve her armor.
Step through the Shadows
Eyghitheh can increase her movement by teleporting from one shadow to the next, however to accomplish this, there must be ample shadows into which to walk.
Eyghitheh is deceptive and cunning. She is willing to negotiate exchanges of knowledge and services (She is particularly interested in bearing the children of heroes).
Eyghitheh has a magical familiar “Ailbe” (ALL-bey), that manifests as a large, white serpent. Ailbe is a Level 3 creature with 9 Health and 1 Armor.

Eyghitheh is one of three daughters in this part of Fhar-Rhyasc. Her Father, Shargroth, is the Troll King of the North. Being the noble daughter of a Troll, Eyghitheh is a beauty unmatched by mortals, nearly rivaling that of the Sidhe or Trow. She is also a powerful Banfeasa (and so are her sisters), and is eager to use her abilities to satisfy her appetites.

Eyghitheh is an arrogant and vain being. Appealing to her sense of superiority, or her beauty is an easy way to gain her favor. However, she is capricious, and often becomes bored with fawning or sycophants. When this happens, she feeds her plaything to her sons.


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